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This site functions as a portfolio for my work, as well as a dynamic CV.  I don't have any reason to use this site to collect, maintain, process, or use your data, and I don't expect that to change. I'll let you know if it does.

This means I don't use Google Analytics or any other data analysing tool. I also don't have any means to subscribe to the page for updates. If you like my stuff enough, you'll come back.

This is a Wix hosted site, however, and Wix does use cookies. Read more about how Wix uses cookies here.

Wix also collects and processes data sometimes. Read more about how and why Wix uses data here.


Wix does have a process for data takeout and deletion which doesn't seem to be live, yet. I'll post links on how to request takeout or deletion when they are available. 

I created this section on my page because of Europe's new, wonderful data privacy regulation, GDPR, which is designed to empower both EU citizens and users living in EU member countries, plus a few others. If you're not in either of those groups, talk to whoever makes laws in your country and encourage them to get on board. 

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