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"...The mutual 'thank yous' eventually became less awkward, though I have never felt like I deserved them.  My service completed roughly as expected, experiencing nothing more dangerous than the plan ride home on leave...."

Bitter Setbacks for the Foes of Don't Ask

"...Reid set the vote, but because of the short time before Congress members were to return home to campaign he chose to use a procedure that limited amendments to the bill. This effectively alienated the entire Republican Party...."

Letter to the Editor: A Misleading Charade

"...Perhaps it is no surprise, then, that Sheehan — who recently claimed (and later recanted) that open service was responsible for the Srebrenica massacre in Bosnia — would again present outdated and uninformed opinion in the midst of the dying gasps of 'Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.'..."

Gay Veteran Defends HRC's Approach on DADT

"...We claim as a community that we can function just as well as our straight counterparts in the military, which depends on group efforts to succeed. So let's prove it. We have a few months to get this right [before the Defense Authorization Act comes to a vote], and there is no reason, if we work together as a coalition, that we can't see a repeal this year..."

Pentagon Study Analysis: Parts 1 & 2

"...More interesting - well, to me at least - is digging deep in the weeds and finding secondary and tertiary connections between data points that are not so obvious in the executive study, identify potential flaws in the methodology, and really have a thorough understanding of what the Pentagon Working Group spent most of 2010 researching..."

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